New Southern Sky and Airspace Design

New Zealand airspace design will be reviewed to accommodate increased traffic, new aircraft types and more direct flight paths.

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How does Airspace Design affect me?

New Performance Based Navigation routes may change flight paths which is likely to reduce the volume of controlled airspace. There is also likely to be an expansion in remotely piloted aircraft and space industry activity, including more rocket launch sites, in New Zealand within the next few years.

To accommodate these changes, airspace reviews will become more demand-driven, so clear processes will need to be developed in a consultative and inclusive way so that user needs are considered. Collaborative airspace forums will assist with this. Adjustments to airspace design will introduce safety risk so training and information will need to be provided.

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NSS Working Group Key Messages 15 June 2020
23 June 2020

NSS Working Group Key Messages 15 June 2020

Aviation stakeholders once again came together for the bi-monthly New Southern S...

Be equipped with ADS-B OUT
by 31 December 2021

Countdown to ADS-B in all controlled airspace. This is the proposed deadline. The clock is ticking and the ‘shops’ are filling.