21 Mar 2018 Wellington Airport Announces Flight Path Trial

Wellington Airport has announced its plans for a Performance Based Navigation (PBN) trial beginning in September 2018. 

The Performance Based Navigation (PBN) trial will see aircraft use their Global Positioning System (GPS) to follow optimised flight paths with better accuracy, meaning they’ll consume less fuel, create less noise and emit less carbon dioxide. Wellington’s trial is a joint initiative being undertaken by Airways, the Board of Airline Representatives (BARNZ), New Southern Sky and Wellington Airport.

From next month, noise monitors will be installed at key locations along the trial flight paths to establish the baseline level of noise – what is experienced today under normal conditions. Information from the noise monitors, combined with community feedback during the trial, will assist in designing the most safe and efficient routes for aircraft.

The trial of the proposed PBN flight path arrivals into Wellington is expected to begin from September 2018. Up to 15% of arriving aircraft will use the PBN flight paths during the trial.

To read the full press release from Wellington Airport click here.

Wellington Airport's runway looking from the North.