27 Sep 2017
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In this short video, Massey Lynch takes you through how he and his Air Ambulance team conduct PBN operations from start to finish.
This is a first ‘how we do it’ video for NSS and we are incredibly grateful to Massey as presenter and to Ryan Nicholl (CAA) as producer, for putting this together.
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Video Source: New Southern Sky

VIDEO: PBN in New Zealand – Advice from a PART 135 Operator

Massey Lynch

Massey is the Pilot/Training Standards Manager at Westpac Air Ambulance in Hamilton, part of the Philips Search and Rescue Trust.  You can find out more about this organisation and the great work it does here. We have reproduced the profile below with acknowledgement to the website.

 We reproduce the profile below with acknowledgement to the website.

Position: Pilot/Training and Standards Manager
- 25+ years flying. 17 with Air new Zealand.
- Experienced trainer and examiner of airline pilots.
- Previously Training and Standards Manager for Air NZ B1900D aircraft fleet for 10 years.


Mitsubishi MU2

Mitsubishi MU2

The Mitsubishi MU2 is a turbine powered aircraft capable of flying over 1,600 miles with a comfortable and spacious pressurised cabin. Equipped with the latest medical equipment and a suite of modern avionics allowing the aircraft to fly safely in adverse weather. Certified to 31,000 feet of altitude. Our current fleet of Mitsubishi MU2 aircraft are accredited to Ambulance New Zealand Air Rescue Air Ambulance Standards and are equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment to meet the needs of patients.


  • 2 stretcher capacity
  • Maximum single patient 300kg
  • Fully electronic loading system, maximising passenger comfort and safety of crew by removing the need for manual lifting

Typical Crew:

  • 2 Pilots
  • Medical crew – Doctor, flight nurse, paramedic, midwife

Onboard Medical Equipment:

  • Zoll Defibrillator
  • Laerdel Suction
  • Medical Air
  • Medical 02
  • Vacuum spinal immobilisation mattress
  • Full medical equipment inventory exceeding NZS8156