1 Apr 2021

The NSS Team travelled the length of New Zealand in March to deliver New Southern Sky 2023 presentations. 

To view the presentation, please click here

The key messages from the visits are as follows:

  • The aviation community is realising the safety benefit of increased situational awareness in uncontrolled airspace by combining ADS-B OUT and IN, with an increasing positivity toward the technology
  • Having flown with ADS-B IN, many participants now see it as an essential component for their flying activities
  • Installation of ADS-B for some older aircraft can present technical challenges.  We will continue engagement to find solutions
  • Recent ADS-B Rule revisions (NTC91.258 and AC91-24) do open up more options but some people are not aware of the changes.  Please read these revisions and speak to a workshop to discuss potential solutions
  • Some questions remain around the practicality of formation flying in conjunction with ADS-B rules.  The rules could probably be examined to cater for a wider range of circumstances and we have passed this on to the CAA Policy Team to consider
  • Education and training on best practice use of ADS-B IN will be key to avoiding overreliance and/or complacency.  We will continue user engagement, particularly with training organisations, to ensure the aviation community gets this right.  
  • The ADS-B Grant Scheme is welcomed by all, but cost remains a barrier to some
  • Satellite Based Augmentation System (GPS accuracy improvement) is coming to New Zealand and is hoped to be operational for aviation in 2025.  Major benefits for regional airports and air services, and helicopter emergency services should follow.  For more info please see the Land Information New Zealand website
  • Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) is due to be transformed to a digital environment which will make the user experience much smoother.  For more information please see the AIM Concept of Operations
  • The Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Regulatory Framework is almost complete.  PBN rules will come into force later in 2021 and will replace out of date GNSS rules 


Massey University School of Aviation provided a warm welcome.


New Zealand International Pilot Academy (Whanganui).


Otago Aero Club, Taieri Aerodrome.


Nelson Airport


We had a typically kiwi welcome at Whangarei!