12 Sep 2019 MetService Improves Access to Weather Information for the Aviation Industry

MetOps Display Provides Improved Situational Awareness for Aviation

MetService are unveiling a new product created to help the aviation industry stay connected and aware of weather conditions on the ground and in the air.

MetOps Display is the latest development in MetServices work under the New Southern Sky Programme. MetOps Display, now provides users with a graphical interpretation of weather across all aspects of operations, for airports, air traffic control (ATC), airlines and flight training organisations. This marks a move away from traditional aviation meteorology, towards machine readable forecasts, user friendly graphical information geared to promote collaborative decision making. 

Wellington International Airport have been testing MetOps Display in their Airport Integrated Control Room, and the results have been fantastic as described by Lachlan Thurston, Wellington Airports Performance Manager. Take a look at what MetOps Display offers in the video below. 

If you have any questions about MetOps Display, or would just like more information surrounding the release of this new platform, please contact Ray Thorpe at the MetService for more information.