16 Feb 2024

Only 4 weeks to go until the New Southern Sky Programme Stakeholders’ Showcase! Don’t hesitate to secure your spot – register below:

New Southern Sky Stakeholders' Showcase Event

We're highlighting the incredible achievements of our stakeholders who have played a crucial role in shaping the future of aviation in New Zealand.

NSS set the course for integrating new technologies into our aviation system, ensuring safe, cohesive, efficient, and collaborative management of airspace and air navigation, and delivering benefits until at least 2033.

Over the past decade, NSS stakeholders from across the aviation sector have successfully delivered numerous projects and benefits, with a commitment to continue making a positive impact in the years to come.

21 March 2024, at the Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington.

The theme is 'Stakeholder Collaboration,' where voices from every perspective and organisation across the Working Group spectrum will be heard.

If you've been a part of NSS programme delivery or have been involved in one of the many events or activities, or as an aviation professional are simply interested in learning how it all panned out, we invite you to join us for this special occasion.

MetService will kindly host a small reception after the event.

Let's come together to celebrate a decade of progress and collaboration!