8 Mar 2018 Aeropath AIS-AIM Partnership

Aeropath Signs Deal with Snowflake Software

Today it was announced that Snowflake Software, a provider of cloud and on-premise software solutions for the aviation industry, is working with Aeropath to deliver an Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) data converter, in alignment with the industry standard of System Wide Information Management (SWIM). In delivering this solution, Snowflake Software and Aeropath will combine their expertise and establish a strong partnership with the joint goal of making aviation data accessible and easy to use.

Aeropath will now be able to create new innovative solutions and enhance existing ones with data provided from the Snowflake AIXM data converter.  Built on top of Snowflake’s award-winning Laminar Data Technology Platform, the AIXM data converter allows Aeropath to map and convert their existing aeronautical data into the AIXM 5.1 SWIM standard, resulting in significant cost savings while avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades.

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The Aeropath Team

The Aeropath team have been working hard in recent months on digitising and updating much of the data that supports many of the aeronautical information products available. This includes the development of geographical information system (GIS) based products that provide essential stepping stones for the evolution from AIS to AIM and ultimately an integrated SWIM environment. The Aeropath AIM team are pictured below.

The Aeropath AIM team from left to right are:  Liana Mosca, Karl Gill-Michaels, Matt Day, Phil Bickerton, Campbell Moorhouse, Josh Flynn, Gordana Kranjec