3 Sep 2020

 The NSS team is delighted to announce that the ADS-B Grant Scheme has now approved over $1m worth of claims, providing Covid-19 affected operators with some welcome financial relief.

Over 720 applications have been received to enter the scheme and, with more being received every day, the team are well on their way to approving the next $1m.

In addition to this, August saw the total number of aircraft equipped with ADS-B surpass the 1000 mark (1018). The number of aircraft to have equipped with ADS-B since the end of Level 4 lockdown has been incredibly encouraging, with workshops on the South Island particularly busy.  

These two major milestones are reason to celebrate, and is another significant step towards transitioning to ADS-B as the primary surveillance system in New Zealand.  

“But we cannot sit back now that these milestones have been hit” says ADS-B Grant Scheme Technical Advisor, Tom Gormley. “We encourage all participants to equip with ADS-B, including ADS-B IN, as soon as possible to ensure that they can continue to access controlled airspace and start to reap the safety benefits that ADS-B brings”.

For more information on ADS-B, including the ADS-B Grant Scheme, see the ADS-B website.