03 Nov 2020 Event Announcement: NSS Conference Webinar Series "Making ADS-B Work"

This November the NSS Conference will be presented using a virtual platform for the first time, to deliver a series of talks on "Making ADS-B Work". There will be global perspectives from the US and Australia on lessons learned from their ADS-B Transitions, best practice guidance for operators in New Zealand for its ADS-B Transition, plus an ADS-B Grant Scheme update and Q&A.

-          03 Nov: Tues  11am – 12.30pm: Dan Hicok (FAA, Director, Surveillance Services)

    • US Equip 2020 – What the FAA and industry achieved together – what they learnt and what benefits they've realized.

-          04 Nov: Weds 7pm – 8pm: Andrew Andersen (IAOPA Vice President, Pacific Region)

    • Australia’s ADS-B Transition (participant’s perspective on the benefits)

-          05 Nov: Thurs 7pm – 8pm : Tom Gormley (CAA ADS-B Grant Scheme Technical Advisor)

    • New Zealand: ADS-B best practice for all and ADS-B Grant Scheme update and Q&A

Watch out for preview content in the coming weeks and don't miss out on this one off opportunity to enhance your understanding of ADS-B and what it means for you in New Zealand!

To register your interest and receive an invite to these Microsoft Teams events email lorcan.byrne@caa.govt.nz or click HERE register. Please do include any questions on New Zealand’s ADS-B transition that you would like to have considered for discussion.